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We interviewed our clients

“Extremely responsive, understanding, great cultural fit for us as an organisation, flexible, no red tape”

— Client Insights Survey


Customer Success

Client: fed square

Vendor: Aruba Networks

Fed Square engaged Netsol and Aruba Networks to deliver an integrated wireless network providing free Wi-Fi  to visitors. Fed Square has over 10 million visits annually and more than 2,000 events and activities per annum. Now all visitors can log on for a fast, stable internet connection, there are no time limits and it’s available 24/7.


Client: Epworth HealthCare

Vendor: Aruba Networks

Epworth HealthCare leverages next-generation 802.11ac Aruba Networks technology and Aruba Networks ClearPass Access Management to support over 750 patients per day, more than 150 doctors and over 300 hospital devices on a 24×7 basis, across seven healthcare facilities.



“They’re honest, transparent and provide great service and support – nothing is too hard and they will try to help with even the most obscure query / issue”

— Client Insights Survey